Monday, May 19, 2008
I am gonna try something new hahax!I m gonna type out my post on my handphone DURING the day and post it online it later on!So you SHOULD be seeing LLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEERRRRR posts XDDok well tdy's plan(or activity) is that my family and I go for our Church Family Day which in this year case, would be a short trip to an orchid farm followed by a short shopping trip to a ba kua factory outlet(YUM! ^-^). Ok first stop would be the Orchid Farm.As expected it was a pretty standard visit to a farm, a opening presentation, a tour of the farm and its facilities and such. =/ So with it supposedly a "learning journey" i decided to learn....or rather,brush up on my photography with my mom's camera. Took ALOT of photos (around 30 pics >.<), mostly macro pics of flowers(OMG God made flowers for macro shots ^-^) however i wont upload all of it here as it will probably cause a few ppl who reads this blog to lagg >.< . o yea if you guys EVER get to go there(or any other plantation) ask if they hav vanila (which i heard is a orchid as well O.O i didnt know that.) n if they do ask whether you can smell a small stick of it, cause lyk natural vanila is pure <<<3 haha SERIOUS!

Ok so the next stop would be the Ba Kua factory outlet, where we tried and we buy...BA KUA LAHX! (like duh...=.=) Well to be frank i was kinda expecting a tour around the factory to show us how its made n stuff but we didnt get it >.< o well @ least we got some delicious ba kua ^-^
All in all this chruch family day was ok(for me) it was enjoyable, yet boring...haha contradictory?=.= yea i never cease to amaze me how i can feel like this @ times >.<
Ok now that the chruch family day was done, the next thng we did was go to one of my chrcuh members house for a swim! which i KINDA was looking forward to it cause i have'nt swam in a while..yupx so before we went , we went to get googles for me(my old ones broke >.<) so yeap after that we went n swam....boy i lost alot of stamina >.< ok so after that was dinner @ the uncle's house yup we had chicken rice, pizza and ICE CREAM!!!! YAY haha okok i'm being lame =.=

so that concludes this post hahax see you guys next time round!O yea my uncle's wife just had their baby girl hahax if i ever get pics of her i'll post it online hahax ok bye!

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