Thursday, May 22, 2008
Hello! o^.^o haha sorry 'bout not blogging yesterday,it was kinda hectic and i went home LATE so i didnt have time to blog =.= o well...i'll post it now yesterday started off lyk any other school day...with the exception i had bring my guitar along for Song Composing Club.Well although the lappy the school has loaned me is lighter than the PREVIOUS one they loaned to me,it was still heavy =.= sometimes i wish i didnt lose my stuff )So anyway first lesson was AutoCAD, the teacher gave us a mock test in preparation for the upcoming test.I realised while doing the test that i actually m fond(and probably TOO reliant)on AutoCAD.Yea there also is this guy i'm pretty worried 'bout he doesnt STOP PLAYING computer games during lectures and tutorials...i mean lyk yea most of us play occansionally in class but this guy...u can see him playing in ALMOST EVERY LESSON!!!sigh...o well...anyway so after AutoCAD it was EG lecture, and i actually paid attention! EG is actually basically Amaths so most of the lesson i would be slacking or sumthng...but for this lesson i actually paid attention for the first half of the lesson!That is until G-man called me over to view his MSN conversation with his diving partner,a girl he was interested in.I say WAS cause apparently she's attached...LOL soo sad G-man anyway after the lecture was lunch break! YAY so i followed G-man to canteen 4 again where he ate.Me? i m still on an air diet, trying desperately to save for Guitar Hero 3, Electric guitar,Audio Technica headphones and a Crumpler bag.Its still a LLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG way away man so that was followed by EG tutorial so we had a test first…..a test I m notconfident of getting full marks but we’ll see…when lesson ended I rushed to Ourspace to meet up with my IAC group mates to put the finishing touches on our presentationfor…well today=) s we finished that up before I rushed over to song composing composing club is still as fun as ever butnow the song we wrote is starting to wear thin on me…best part is that as usual we were asked to work on the song n improve on it =/ and this would actually be managable if we had full strength of 10 people…BUT for some reason there were only three people(including me ) so we tried creating the drum part out and it turned out HORRIBLE so in the end we decided to revert it back to the version we had made the previous week.But soon enough more people begin streaming in! YAY n @ the end, there was seven people! But still by then it was too late for us to make any major changes/additions to our song so we sticked to the plan of playing the good old version we bin playing….this time with different singers and guitarist, so as to giv the usual singers and guitarist a break.So those poor ppl had to reluctantly go up there n perform HALF the song…=.= they initially refused and hence this caused our group leader to be very emo,she cried We are SOOOOO sorry cheryl so then i went home with one of the song composing club member n we had a chat on the way home,making my trip more bearable haha.So i got home, n just as i was getting ready to do my CommT draft 2....i realised I left my lappy adapter @ ourspace while doing the IAC project. I was like O.o as it doesnt belong to me....=.= so then begin the frantic running up n down trying to find it in my house, and also the frantic calling of my IAC ggroupmates yea....and as my IAC groupmate said.."no one cares" cause HE DIDNT PICK UP MY FONE!!! haha jokingjoking o well thats it for yesterday post bout today later ciao!


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