Friday, May 23, 2008
Hahax it's me again,as you can see this blog has liked come fromt he brink of death to now!haha i been posting more and more (both in frequency and length YAY) AND i hav'nt been as emo as before haha so yea i m more cheery!haha so anyway even before i reached school i received two good news, though unfortunately i'm unable to talk about one of them,still the first one is that my crush actually replied my sms! haha yea this is a pretty small thing to get happy over but I'm a easy person to please haha...and also TODAY IS FRIDAY!which means tomorrow is the start of the weekends!so anyway as usual i was in school by 7am O.O yes u read it correctly my daily routine hav'nt changed yet. I'm in school everyday @ 7am...anywayx its really fun to be in school soo early!you can do your homework or projects haha. In fact you could evn take a walk around school and breathe in that fresh air!okok so i was sitting @ underpass from 7 till lyk 840 before i start walking to my practical for AMMP,today we did gearbox assembly which sounds hard well it WAS kinda complicated...but the whole session was fun on the whole ^-^. We had a lecturer which look like one of 'Under One Roof' character!and we were discussing different thngs when we were done,form jobs even to a Airbus 380 being turned into a prositution plane haha!So after that met G-man and we headed towards.....bukit timah hawker centre or something cause apparently G-man did'nt want to "waste" our two hour break.So there we went (with one more classmate whose name seems to have eluded me =D)on our way to the place which G-man suggested when i heard someone call me.Guess who?It was Jodi haha,apparently she was goin to meet her friends to collect her 'O' Level Examination we chatted for a while ^-^,however with G-man in tow i could'nt really concentrate on the conversation.He was like playing what he suppose was love songs behind us...yea you get the picture =.=....AND up to now, he still finds it funny =.=''', anyway we continued on to the hawker centre where G-man had Laksa , the other dude had lyk roasted meat and rice and me, a big pao and some chee cheong fun.Funny thing is when i ordered this, i said " Da pao(big pao),chee cheong fun." The auntie heard "da pao(take away) chee cheong fun" yea...i think even the hawkers are suffering under the increasing temperature we been experiencing these days...haha so we later headed back to school,there we headed to the library, where i split up with G-man n sat down with the class...though i did'nt exactly interact with class much....i just sat around yea...haha so i was just like sitting down and just surfing random websites and chatting with people online.We then headed for EG lecture, well this time i didnt pay a DAMN LIGHTEST bit of attention in EG, in fact me and G-man were looking at ghost videos...I know i DAMN lame lah...and Seroyen is like one BIG scaredy cat then we were dismissed and we showed a "ghost video" to the teacher.Shes damn brave lahx....she did'nt even get a shock...haha so then I followed G-man to the library where he (and me...sorta) watched 'Steve Austin : The Spy Who Shagged Me' i didnt really watch me cause i was busy typing this post.Haha and today i decided to go home early...anyway reached home and had my dinner.After dinner my father showed me a mail that had came was a 200 dollar voucher for if i upgrade or resign the contract with singtel...I m really interested as my current phone is dieing...but i told my father no...sorta so now mayb when he comes back from cell group i ask him can not...anywayx i m feeling kinda emo now...its complicated...and unexpected too...haix...feel like writing a m not handsome or i don't expect her to like me...Nor do i expect HER to forgive me and accept me as a friend again....all i can do now is hope...


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