Monday, May 5, 2008
hahax hi ppl! yay i m no longer in emo mode!!! WOOHOO lolx.....okok i m lyin...or rather PARTIALLY lying...ystr was normal as usual....but @ nite was bad.....for sum reason kept tinking bout her again....n how she would react if i died one day >.< hahax obviously most of the scenerio goin in my head was bad lahx....most were of she not even giving a damn (which is the most LYKLY scenerio -__-''') hahax.....o yea......i m also wondering whether shud i join the JTC(cosplay division) shes in there too DAMN IT!!!hahax hope tis situation comes to a gd ending lyk XXXX XDD all i can do now is pray. >.< o man......\

I wonder would u ever see,
How much you mean to me
Even though u pushed me away,
I'll wait for u another day

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