Saturday, April 12, 2008
Ystr was the WORST day of my whole entire sad little existance i call a life, during FOP my bag was stolen...HECK it was under the F***ING "WATCHFUL EYES" of my 1 noes wad the f***ing hell happened to my bag...BEST part is my bag cointains ALL my LAPPY(NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO), Camera , Wallet , Mp3 player....EVERYTHNG INCLUDING MY IC N STUDENT ID!!!!!!WAF***...i was damn sad/depressed/pissed off @ myself...inside the bag there other thngs too...that mean ALOT TO MI...a thank you card given by the worship team @ chruch for example,my o LVL stuff...all these thngs HAVE SENTIMENTAL VALUE!!!!! prents obviously gave mi a GOOD SCOLDING...(3-4.5 k worth of scolding the world dies lahx)anywayx wad reali got mi sad was when i was in the police gave mi time to think...all the thinks i lyk/hold dear/LOVED hs ALWAES bin either PUSHED AWAY,LOST,NOT GIVEN BACK ETC....for example...everygal i lyk has ALWAES REJECTED belongings i love ALWAES GET SPOILED/stolen(my Z610i,lappy,camera,Xbox 360[broken]) lead mi to realise/question i reali deserve to be alive?

If I'm ever gone,
I hope by then you'll have seen
How much YOU realy mean to me.

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