Thursday, April 17, 2008
Yo it's been a while seen I last posted, srry bout it!but poly life really DRAINS ALL your anyway things have been great(WELL not GREAT but good.)Absolutely NO progress has been made in the investigation( MY STUFF!!!!!) but (with Jie's help)i MANAGED to sort my head now i m frenx wif XXXXX.....BUT tdy i tink i saw sumone....who SHOULDNT be in NP...its Delight....OMG afta how long...afta all i bin thru....y her again???i mean i dun HATE her.....its just...i dunw an see her in sch...esp since i still kinda lyk her...well....i m too emo now to continue.....sooo yea nxt time...

It just feels,
That you rather the world,
Not have me at all.

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