Friday, April 4, 2008
yo dues (n Dudettes)XDD so anywayx...ystr we had the veri IMPROMPTU outing for APPLE PI!!!!!!woohoohoo(for peeps whu hav no pi is the group i was wif for FOC which is shortform for Freshmen Orientation Camp.okok so i taken ics n uploaded them onto photo bucket......heres the link to ALL the fotos....

i also b posting the few fotos i lyked...yea comments for them plz

okok...but seriously even wif all the fun n stuff....i reali was pretty emo...(on the inside)its hard puttin on a fake smile.....n using hyperness to cover up ur dispair n stuff.....i found out sumthng.sumthng i wished i havnt found rite now i m in total confusion.......sians i went home early actuali not onli due to my parents naggin......i was feelin damn down lahx....i wanted to @ least send her to her mrt station n didnt get to do the end sumone else did....i wonder....does it mean i m reali not fit to b loved?

P.s. for those of u whu noe.....yea kip it to urslf....plz,....

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