Thursday, April 10, 2008
yo dudes n dudettes....hahaxmost of u must b @ home {or in poly} still aslp XDD wel i m WIDE awake XDD n yes i m in NGEE ANN NOW XDD its curently 715am....omg n the best orientation programme starts @ 9am its 1 hour 15 min of....doing nth XDD learnt sumthng ystr n i m worried cux...well i m nt gonna into details but gd luck david!! o^.^o hahax rite now i m kinda feeling excited, worried, n a tinny weeny bit emo.....hahax ok shall update sum othe rtime cya!!!

should i?
or should'nt i?
to invite u
is my biggest dream of all

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Name: Joel
-17 going on 18
-1.8-something metres tall =D
-Mood swings often, at times even more than the rollercoasters.
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