Monday, April 7, 2008
yo dudes n duddettes...the emo dude is back,yes from that u can prob infer i m lets jux get all the happi parts of mi out first...

ok ystr sentosa outing was a BLAST lolx sentosa mux go wif a lot of ppl den fun sia....i went there LATE. i was waiting for joyce as she was one of the crew afta chruch we rushed over in our jeans (which is totali inappropriate for goin to the beach)n yes we toked bout stuff....bout her meeting XXXXX n mi meetin XXXX...yea she wanted mi show her my XXXXXXXX but i wasnt too sure whether we would even meet her not...(MAN was i wrong...)so when we reached sentosa we met SOPHIA! WOOHOO~though she wasnt aS hyper as during FOC.hahax wif her was her bf...russel(OMG i dunnoe spell his name) here we r...@ the Monorail station....i wanted to walk but JOYCE didnt want n so we took the tram.BTW the tram was freaking was jux slightly faster then ppl walking......i tink i ride bike also faster sia...anywayx we passed by sum APPLE PI ppl INCLUDING mi XXXXX they greeted mi...yea but jodi went so much as to run up to the tram n say a VERI loud n ENergetic hello to mi.....i tink joyce was scared lahx XDD...okok so den reached the beach where the usual stuff happend ppl burried in sand,ppl gttin dunked,beach sooccer,frissbee n stuff i got a few cuts from trying to escape the dunking so yea.....hahaxso anywayx we all lata ate @ vivo banquet n i realised den i had NO money.....well i onli had i bought mi n jodi a drink n den bought my self FAN CHOY zzzz which all costed 4.50....sians afta tat sum wanted drink @ coffee bean so yea i wanted stay but afta looking @ the time (n wallet decided to go home)sians i had sum company till outram a mere one stop away.....before embarking on a long....lnelyride home before i forget the link to the fotos i took is HERE

ok emo home....went online com n asked david bout...STUFF which he obviously didnt tell mi i logged off n went up bathe n get rdy for usual i cnt slp i on my lappy n leeched other ppl internet....surfed for a while till tohru called yea....toked to her for a while...before i went to slp...yea

to ppl whu im mi ystr n asked mi wads wrong....hahax i m sry to hav brushed u off lyk tat but yea...tisn sorta thng u cnt reali hlp so yea...thnx for corncern anywayx....okok i m goin back to emoing

to XXXXX:u mite nva noe tis ,
u mite nva hear it,
but one thng for sure,
is that i would alwaes b there.

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