Wednesday, April 9, 2008 a bloody gloomy day for mi.....woke up 1 hour earlier than xbox has died(3RROD) so rite now i m practicing my guitar,but seriously i dunnoe wad i m practicing for alrdy...sians...moment i signed in messenger i was greeted wif a sight i rather had not seen.n now i m wondering...m i gd enuf not....not onli for HER but tomy friends,family n GOD .....>.< suumtimes i jux wish i could jux die....peaceful n that no one noes...i hav bin dubbed photographer wif mi new group cux i alwaes take pictures when apple pi has an outing...some of the ppl alrdy noticed i m nt in MOST of the shots...they even ask mi nxt time they would go take the pics so that i would b in the picture,wads the point ppl would jux forget mi again...mayb its my job to turn invisible...n jux watch the world go on without mi...its as if time is standing still where i m...sians i ll post tmr zzz catch ya lata guyx

Invisible I'm cursed to be,
As you and him were meant to be
The obvious you would never see,
How much you really mean to me


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