Sunday, April 13, 2008
okok...i m back....n tis time...i m nt THAT EMO...YAY hahax...goin for the apple pi outing reali cheered mi up....surprisingly...bcux...XXXX was there...n i didnt do wad i wanted to due to.....circumstances.....anywayx it was fun....but NO PICs......cux i lost my camera (COME BACK TO MI LEHX!!!!!!!)but for sum freaking reason i couldnt b not happi....anywayx...i toked to steph when i got home....n yea we had a nice chat XDD i tried calling XXXX but alas its just not meant to be XDD

anywayx i woke up tdy VERIVERI sad.....which prob explains why i was soo happi during the nite >.< ok so i practically emoed thru out chruch.....yea....went HANs to eat AGAIN....but i dcided msg steph
hahax shes lyk a happy drug...btr than choco (THNX STEPH!!!)hahax so now i m jux a LIL emo...yea...tmr goin first day of sch.....i m worried father gonna tok to the sch director or sumthng.......sians y mux the FIRST DAY B LYK TIS????

I called u,
But there's no one there.
But I'll remember this,
You're worth waiting for.

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