Wednesday, April 23, 2008
LOLX yes i m back,and again i m TOO EARLY for sch =.= yea...tdy's lesson starts @ 10am but i m here @ 7am....sigh so from 7-8 i was sitting down n doing my maths tutorial,before heading off to the lib to use their coms there...yea so i sat down n lyk did my stuff(foruming,bloggin,reading ppl blog)when LO AND BEHOLD i saw Salmah XDD lolx apparently she got to sch early as i finished up my stuff on the com before heading off to have a chat.LOLX shes reali in Wushu lahx...OMG hahax anywayx we had a nice little chat n lucky for mi it wasted one hour (YAYNESS) but now shes off to class so i m back alone more hour to start of class.....OMG n i CNT log on to maths online to do a tutorial......SHYT i m sooooo SCREWED blog more lata i hope

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