Tuesday, April 22, 2008
bloggin time has come again.....YAYNESS ......NOT ok....tdy is a RELATIVELY normal day....sooo i shall tok bout mi....yay....i m veri lame, no i can walk...i m lyk "lame". toking to my course mates, i all of a sudden went "you know....for every situation in life,theres a song to go wif it.for example,when u r in alecture n the lecturer is naggin bout sum point, i reali wan go 'SHUDDUP JUX SHUDUP,SHUDUP'" YEA i m tat lame....o n den he asked...wad if the guy is in the toilet? i went " o......den before he SHITS.....he gets 'low,low,low,low,low,low' XDD"

YEA stop here

To see u smile tdy,
is the best thng in the year by far.
how i wished,
i could see it everyday

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