Sunday, April 27, 2008
....real emo cux i m feeling that way now....welll i m emo bcux of mi.....well i m begining to think more n more bout Delight now....the fact that shes in my sch is lyk a double edged sword...i m happi!cux now i can see her...see how shes doing see whether she fine not....but @ the same time it HURTS sooo bad...i mean EACH time i see her...i have to pretend...that i dunt see her....that i dun care....i didnt feel it den...but RITE REALI hurts...i wonder whether she rmb mi...n if she does...does she still hate mi?cux.....if she does.....i reali dunnoe wad to do....

after all this time,
i never thought we'll be here
but can you see,
that all that matters now,
is ur frenship to mi.

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