Tuesday, April 29, 2008
1. Describe yourself in five words.
Friendly (i TRY to be...),Listen,Emo,shy,lame(I CAN WALK HOR!!!)

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boyfriend ?
boyfriend?!??!?!?!?WAA?????nono i m straight...so i tink u mean girlfriend....both equally important,but if both require help...i sry buddies i ll go help her!o yes btr change question....XDXD or not

3. Who is the person you trust the most ?
erm a few.........soo yea my CLOSE frens....

4. Do you think you have enough confidence ?

5. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be ?
To b able fix THAT broken frenship.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain ?
lolx.....i dun tink this questions r as easy as it looks but yes.....MOST of the time

7. What is your goal for this year ?
SCORE WELL!!! n hopefully fix my frenship(i noe tis repeat but i REALI wan tis frenship back!!!)

8. Do you believe in eternity love ?
lolx u mean eternal love?hahax yes....but u nid to work to kip it eternal too! ^.^

9. Have you broken someone heart that she/he tried to commit suicide ?
i tink i MITE hav broken one or two hearts but no....they didnt commit suicide...XDD

10. What feeling do you love most ?
feeling LOVED! *where is the love XDD?*

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half ?
erm.....wunt mind how i look, caring, fun, n most imptntly...LOVES mi for whu i m....

12. What feeling do you hate the most ?

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?

14. Do you believe in GOD ?
yes....but sumtimes i doubt i do >.<

15. What do you think is the most important thing in in your life ?
my friends n the people i love n GOD!!

16. Who cares for you the most ?
My close POLY fren! spring, thank you!!!!

17. Do you think love is everything and eternity?
lolx isnt tis a repeat?no love isnt everythng...but i tink it makes up MOST of my life other question look up! ^.^

18.wat have you regretted doing in your whole life ?
SPOILING THAT frenship >.<

19. IF time were to rewind, will you want it to be ?
YES definately!

20. Would you wait forever for someone you love?
yes.....even when i say i forgot u....i still care kkx? XDD i sound stalkerish SHYT

Instructions :Remove one question from above , and add in your personal question .Make it a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people .List them out at the end of the post .Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged .Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all :D
haix i dun wan do tis but....
XDDD if u dun do i wunt blame u XDD

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