Sunday, March 30, 2008
okies back to post more emo crap...had a bad dream ystr nite...(is tis a sign of thngs to come?)sians so woke up @ 8am today.....yea went to church n afta church i had to stay back cuz there was a meeting for my parents...sooo i used mi lappy there....toked to yucchi for a while.....she was emo but didnt tell mi anythng...(inthe end she wrote on her blog)n i saw hid online .....butwad happen was wad got mi to b lyk O.o n happi......i crush from FOC online.....(btw FOC the cam,p i went recently)i thot she didnt accept as she hadnt replied mi msg so...yea....i began chaattin wif her....but it was onli a few rsponses lata she went offline....i m now...worried she blocked mi....zzz....noooo went to check all the websites to see whu blocked mi.....her email add didnt pop nout in any one of them...soo for now i m juz holding my breath.....

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