Saturday, March 29, 2008
NPSU FOC '08 has juz ended...ok wel its not exactly JUST ended but ended tdy n yea it was FUN but i left it wif ...well...not too pleasant feelings.ok well in tis camp...i met sumone(yes i noe i hav bin lyking ALOT of random galz...sumthng is wrong wif mi DESU~)n well shes...ok i guess...wad attracted mi was her smile(WTF same as delight zzzzz)okies...well...theres tis guy who appears to b hitting on her n she seems to lyk him too...sigh it always happen lyk tis....the begining of the end.....o wells change subb before i cry again T-T

o yea lost my voice too,but THNX GOD!!!!!,Kelly has postponed the auditions...YAYNESS @least one thng to b happy now...

i hope she replies the sms i sent her...OMG PLEASE dun let tis b Delight once over again.... T_T

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