Wednesday, March 5, 2008
hahaz back....yea i noe its bin a long time...........tis blog about to die liaoz......zzzzzzzzzzzok lahz lets start nth much happen YET except for the outing wif a gal fren of mine to watch The Leap Years.....n that i m FINALLY gonna get Guitar Hero 2 (YAYNESS!!!)but since i havnt got GH2 yet i whall spam......i mean post bout the outing.......wel....outing was AFTER my guitar class nhence had to lug my guitar around......which is a....well........akward thng for guitar bag has a tamama keychain on it so its not unusual for mi to receive stares(OMGZZZ)n i serioudsly m super anywayz tis fren of mine dcided to wear her waloli costume out.....okits a bit lyk a yujkata????i was lyk O.o when i saw her......BUT she looked kinda cute(P.S. shes sumone i MITE be crushing on...i dunnoe wad to think now)ok lahz went to cathy n we got a couple seat.......for the simple fact that it was well in her words "spacious".hahaz n even though i didnt show it i was god damn was my first time out ALONE wif a gal that i mayb lyk o.O anywayz was watching leap years nice movie...i was getting punched everytime i givemy views on wadwould happen(ow...)yea afta that we juz walked around went to aracade........n den i had to have a nosebleed OMG.......lolzden she lata played my ds ..ate takoyaki n i went off.......yea....pretti much it bahx

LOLZ but still had a heck of a time ^^


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