Tuesday, January 15, 2008
O god.....how awfully plain......o well....guess i m stuck wif tis till i find out how to use blogskin the template.....well intro alrdy given n its the exact same thng on m frenster n facebook. guess i m super lazy >< anywayz i will try not to dot to much in this new blog(yea i had three other blogs all of which r now inactive or del liaoz) n post more often....haix a new year a new start rite?first off i m gonna give ya my (belated)new year Resolutions!yay!

New Year Resolutions
  1. Work Much,MUCH harder!
  2. put in more effort in learning the guitar
  3. Write @least ONE song n not juz write it halfway
  5. Exercise more!
ok lahx guess thats enuf for one year......i tink ><

Also the resultsr gonna be released quite soon bahx.....damn nervous, however tis is nt juz due to results......i plan to cal Delight 1 last time to fix wadeva frenship we have left....yupx(p.s. for those of u whu dunnoe whs delight...well....lol as bern would say its a long story meant for another day) if tis doesnt work out.....well time to REALI forget her lolz....well stop here lolz!c u guyz nxt time!


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