Monday, January 21, 2008
heyz Guyz!(hahaz n galz too of course) I m back! hahaz....n i juz receeived news thurs is the release of o level results!OMGhahaz.. its time for me to enter meltdown mode XS
every part of mi is now extremely alert thnx to the adrenaline being pumped in while i write(well actuali type)tis out ok back to business

Have u ever felt alone?as if no one could see you?lyk no one cares bout wadeva happens to u?hahaz tdy reali felt that way hahaz esp while i as on my way to white sands to run sum errands hahaz juz found out alina had MIGRATED i was lyk wad the heck?haahz it seems lyk everyones leavin nowadaes.well leaving my life i guess...wif so little frenz a lost of one is veri great.guess tats the reason y i try so hard to fix mi n delight's frenship too...

o well juz to elongate tis post i decided to put in sum pics enjoy ^^
Tis two pics r of my newly completed model GN-001 Exia Gundam hahaz in these pics they r around 80-95% done and the only thng missing from it is its weapons

well tats all for now hahaz c u guyz in a bit byex!

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