Tuesday, January 22, 2008
hey guyz....i m nt sure whether i posted tdy...so posting again....juz feel even MORE depressed now....even after annihilating almuz all the chocolates found in my home since ystr(chocs supposedly make u hapi?)its all juz too unreal to me liaoz the conversation i had wif her ystr.....it feels lyk a dream(how i wish it was...)haix...i SHUD b used to tis but yet the pain is juz soo ,....well REAL...bin feelin veri EMPTY the whole morning even till now...haix she says shes troubled by tis whole mi + her thng.....wad does she mean i wonder?she hasnt tok to mi in lyk wad a?a yr perhaps?y would she troubled?i onli msged her a few festive msgs to her...isit tat bad?evrything feels meaningless now....but since she wants it tis way i would try mi best to 4gt....who we were...even del her no. off fone......still cnt bear del the pics of her n her email off my msn ...went to check up on her on the forum she frequents...afta reading a few of her posts...i wondered y in the ****ing hell did i even bother...shes soo....well different...shes rich smart,n has a veri bright future ahead(sunglasses on plz)...as compared to mi...a guy(an emo guy i would lyk to add)wif little frenz and sux @ almuz everything i do...i knew shudnt hav gotten too emotionally invovled...but i juz cant help it....wad could i do?rite now.....even though it hurts so badly...i m gonna pretend i m 4gtin her....pretend to 4gt sum1 whom is un4gttable...juz so that she mite not be troubled n happi perhaps?but is it enuf for her to 4give mi?

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