Thursday, January 24, 2008
hahaz tdy is o lvl release day!yay!!!!!....nots...hahaz it was a day many ppl born in 91 felt the extrem tension .....hahaz ok i would cut the first the pics!

so yupx 1st foto shud b of hall...second of viknesh(indian n ren qi!both whom r close frenz!(STOP WITH THE GOATEE THNG!) hahaz anywayz the whole alrdy tense atmosphere was made even worse thnx to the school giving a long speech.....but the speech was quite informative though!anywayz...when results were finally released it was utter chaos....hahaz in the end we all go it! viknesh did pretti well n mi? i got 15....Renqi took it hard when he found out he got 17...he even to cheer him up we went to starbucks(WOW expensive OMG) afta which we juz walked around tokin lolz even pulled a prank on his fren........could i continue ti later?hahaz i gotta do sumthng now so c u guyz in a bit

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