Tuesday, January 15, 2008
hahaz second post!lolz ok today was lyk pretti gloomy for mi hahaz as in emotionally.....i dunnoe...felt lonely again....feeling continued till lyk...well juz now when My neighbour , Shi Yun lyk chatted wif mi ova msn.hahaz lost contact for pretti long time so yea its gd to hear from sum1 u nva heard frm in a long time esp if u thot they hav 4gtten bout u...plus...my headphones r dead.....wtf....ok time to start saving again...anywayz back to blogin

theres a new movie comming up, cloverfield. well it looks intersting lahz...juz watch the clip n u'll understand y....

yupx hoping to catch it sum ppl....hahaz n hope its nt sum lame movie lyk I Am Legend....haix...ok stop here...happy viewing the clip

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