Saturday, January 19, 2008
hahaz i m back!lolz....apparently youth service is TMR!!!!!!!OMGZZZZ o well more time to blog XD lolz okies so i juz found out almuz all my pri sch frenz r in jc OMG ok i reali stink @ studies now lahz...haix.....i reali hope i do well enuf to go into a jc or a course i wan to do...sigh now praying...

Anywayz i hav decided to record(lyk juz record on voice recorder or sumthng)my rendition of Lifehouse's Storm)hahaz once i get it doine n i lyk it i ll try post it on tis blog Yupx!hahaz

Rumor has it that nxt wk our results would be released!OMG i m reali gettin reali freaked out....that i mite do well.... haix plz god let mi do well!

Thats all for now hhaz gotta kip praying! more pics in a while(in nxt post bahz) kkz bb!


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