Saturday, January 19, 2008

hahaz hey yall!hahaz my house undergoin sumkind of makeover so the com mite b disconneted for a few days haix.....anywayz tdy goin guitar class so yupx(F.Y.I. guitar class is on Sat 1-2 so dun ask mi out during tat time!)okies so back to the issue here...

My church(Church Of Praise) is holding a youth service.wads the big deal?well there wasnt any b4,well nt b4 but more lyk recently due to our youth leaders switching church so anywayz,tdy is the restarting of it!woohooo no more bored weekends!anywayz so tis part is lyk free advertisment for my church youth service!hahaz youth service from 1 to 3,@ lavender ,Carepoint hahaz u guyz wanna go den juz call mi i bring u !

N Exia's finally finished,for those of u whu hav no idea wad i m toking about,exia is a gundam model hahaz n one of my hobbies is to assemble them lahz...but too bad no pics yet as well coms gettin discnnected n i feel too lazy to actuali bother taking a picture

so guess tats all for tdy more pics in awhile! c ya!

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